Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kanesco and the Beast

The first memory of this beast was around age seven.  As a young boy Kanesco found himself happy and content with his life. As he aged, he began to notice that the beast would appear everytime a happy situation arose.  The beast affected all parts and areas of his life, from home to school and even stretching into his social life.  Every single time that a smile was cracked or a laugh was to be had, there was the beast, frighte ing him.

Kanesco came from a lovely family and didnt quite understand what was going on in his life.  "Why was this happening to me," he wondered "am I doomed to be miserable for Ll of eternity?"

Nobody else seemed to see the beast either.  To everyone else Kanesco had always been a little strange, but not terribly unhappy or stressed.   Nothing seemed too out of place, but for Kanesco the whole world was off just slightly... like being able to smell your favorite food so intensely that you can taste it, but you cant find the source of the smell.  Happiness was all but blocked.

The beast could invade Kanesco's thoughts and dreams.  It reminded him of his failure to find happiness over and over again.  It made him relive his failed battles, and in these flashbacks the pain was threefold more intense than the original.

The beast had squared off many times with Kanesco.  So many times that Kanesco had almost grown fond of the beast.  He even thought of naming it, but no one word could capture the angst that the beast caused.  He simply called it "the beast."

The very last time that the two met on the battlefield, Kanesco was left broken and scarred. He laid in his own blood for days before he finally found the strength to pick himself back up.  He remembered it all very clearly: how every weapon he tried against the beast simply broke when it hit his skin.  No sword could defeat the beast.  No gun could scar it.  No amount of force could move it.  The beast simply existed to destroy happiness in Kanesco's life.

In his journies Kanesco encountered many people who helped him along his journey, but none more than the Blue People.  They were a small group of people dedicated to serving others and spreading music through the world.  The Blue People taught Kanesco how to fight.  He fought in many battles alongside the Blue People and even led many charges himself.  They accepted him as one of their own and honored him with the title "matters".

Knowing how to fight was nevef enough. Kanesco continued his search for a way to defeat the beast.  Along the way he fell deathly ill with a disease.  This disease threatened to end his life.  There was a pounding in his heart, and a pain in his stomach.  He was definately under a spell of some sort.  But after a while, the caster of the spell was no longer happy with Kanesco and he was released, but being released had its consequences.  Kanesco laid on the ground feeling as though there was one thousand pounds weighing him down.  Through his struggles that day he realized that no matter what knocks him down, he will always get back up because he deserves it.

A while down the road Kanesco found himself struck by another spell, but this one, though intense, was never painful.  He fell in love with the caster of the spell, River.  She taught him many things about adapting his fighting style to match his opponent.  River was wise beyond her years and had become a guardian of Princess Anabella.  For this task she had to be able to adapt.

Every time the beast was fought, Kanesco seemed to understand the battle a little betted.  He was beginning to take control once, when the Beast slammed him into the ground so hard that Kanesco felt his banes break.

Kanesco was just about to give up when a band of unusal characters came into his life and showed him that every problem has a solution if you are willing to look for it.  They called themselves the Fantastic Four, but they obviously couldnt count... Ginger Snap seemed to be the leader of this rag tag bunch  and he was joined by Mrs. DRTHEPOOKUMS, a green Man who never said his name, lynx, Greyscale, and many many others.  The fantastic four showed Kanesco a way to defeat his beast.  He got the idea as he fought alongside of them in the battle of yeast valley.

Never before had Kanesco spoken of the beast to anyone.  He simply accepted that the other people involved in his journey would not understand.  He raised his head up and started to talk about the Beast with peolle in his life.  .  He contacted people from every part of his life.  He contacted his parents, DV and twelyo.  He spoke with the Blue People.  Kanesco spoke with River and even Princess Anabelle.  Then finally he strategized with Ginger Snap and the Fantastic Four.  Nobody had a solution, but they all had advice on howto handle different parts like the head, eyes, tail, possible weaknesses.

Kanesco planned and planned and finally realized what he had been doing wrong all of those years.  He realized why no matter what he did, he could never defeat the beast.
Now all he had to do was talk it out with the people in his life.

"BEAST," Kanesco bellowed, "WHERE ARE YOU?"

In the distance he heard a thud, followed by another, then another, then a series of fast thuds growing louder and louder and faster and faster and in a mere matter of momentes the Beast stood in front of Kanesco and let out a terrifying roar that was so loud the its sound eclipsed even the pounding in Kanesco's heart.

There he stood.  Alone on the battlefield.  Facing impossible odds.  Kanesco drew his sword and looked the beast square in the eye as he layed his sword on the ground.  The beast once again let out a ferocious roar and Kanesco replied "yeah yeah, I heard ya."

Then, out of the woods walked the blue people and the Fantastic four.  They were then joined by DV and twelyo and River and Anabelle.  That is when Kanesco made eye contact with the Beast and said "i know why noone ever seemed to notice you now!"
"I know what you are, and It's ok!"

Just then Kanesco stretched his arms out and joined hands with the others and they embraced the beast in a peaceful hug.  Sobbing, the Beast spoke no words, but shed many tears.  He had not been defeated, for he never could be defeated.  Kanesco had finally realized that the Beast was simply all of the things that he didnt like about himself.  This allanifested into a beast that mad him constantly feel like he was underachieving.  Through this beast Kanesco had grown into a strong Man and realized that he could only tame it but he could not destroy it, and he couldnt tame it without the help of his friends and family.

And yes Kanesco's adventures may have been inspired by a true story ;)